DevOps in the Year 2016 !!

Whenever I meet my clients these days, one of the key points in any discussions is inadvertently around DevOps. DevOps has become so immensely critical, that you cannot ignore it anymore!! In one such discussions, I was asked about my DevOps prediction, and Gosh..I was in a spot..!! I certainly don’t have the power to predict like Paul_the_Octopus, but I did say what I felt and believed so ardently – “2016 will be the year of enterprise DevOps and we’ll see more focus around DevOps adoption in large enterprises, making it inevitable and indispensable in every sense.”

Well, no denying the fact that DevOps is one of the key technology encapsulating today’s digital transformation, and what we have with the app based revolution that was unthinkable till few years. DevOps is slowly getting ingrained in every cell of digital earth, and it’s not only going to improve further from hereon..but will stay and rule with might in the coming days.

However, from an enterprise standpoint, DevOps is not just about application deployments, but also about how to be responsive to market opportunities. This is where DevOps concepts like agile culture and design thinking helps to remove the impediments in the enterprises that prevents quick response to market dynamics. And, we are already seeing this happening in the enterprises with more focus being given towards agile adoption, products and services are designed by inculcating design thinking principles etc.

May be calling 2016 as the year of enterprise DevOps is not so predictive after all. It has arrived, and is making a mark substantially or shall I say enviously !!

I found a very good writeup on DevOps predictions for 2016 from Ken O’Hagan here –
It talks about standardization of DevOps which according to me is much needed among other things. It’s worth a read.

Pradipta Kumar Banerjee

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