VMware vCloud Air and Google Cloud Platform Services

Recently, VMware and Google entered into a partnership, that will allow certain Google Cloud Platform services to be available via VMware vCloud Air.

Initially, the following Google Cloud Platform services will be provided:

  • Google Cloud Storage– Highly available object-storage service.

  • Google BigQuery – Big data analysis service providing real-time insights. Runs fast, SQL-like queries against multi-terabyte datasets in seconds.

  • Google Cloud Datastore – A NoSQL database service.

  • Google Cloud DNS –  A reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS service from Google’s worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers.

VMware is known for its integrated solutions. Anyone who has used vCenter, vSphere and related products like Site Recovery Manager will know that for sure. One would expect similar smooth integration between Google Cloud Platform services offered as part of vCloud Air services.

The statements mentioned in VMware’s official blog does reflect this –

Quoting from the blog

“The Google Cloud Platform services will be tightly integrated into vCloud Air and function just like any service from VMware on the vCloud Air platform. Existing vCloud Air customers will have access to the new services under their existing contracts and existing network interconnect with vCloud Air, and simply pay for what they use of the Google services. They’ll use their current vCloud Air credentials to access the service and be able to use the native Google Cloud Platform APIs.

We’re also directly connecting the VMware and Google networks together, so that all traffic between the services travels over a dedicated private connection. VMware customers can call Global Support Services (GSS) as they do today to get support on any part of vCloud Air, including the Google Cloud Platform services we now offer.”

This partnership enables VMware to add missing capabilities to its cloud offering, whereas for Google it provides a gateway to enterprise customers. For customers, they really get best of both worlds – VMware’s enterprise capabilities and Google’s cutting edge developer friendly technologies.

Pradipta Kumar Banerjee

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