IBM Cloud Private and Thanksgiving

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” – Steve Jobs

Last month (October) saw the release of IBM Cloud Private (ICP) –, an application platform for building cloud-native applications or modernising the existing old ones. Well, this article is not about sharing an ICP recipe or discuss on ICP value propositions. There are lots of materials available on the web, covering various aspects of ICP – technical details, recipes, value propositions etc. Instead, this article is about what made ICP possible – precisely, the two pillars on which it firmly stands. First, the open-source building blocks and secondly, the people involved.

This article is about thanking these two pillars. This article is about thanks giving :-)

IBM Cloud Private is built on open source technologies like docker, kubernetes, calico, prometheus, elasticsearch etc.  The following architecture diagram gives a brief overview of the components involved.


Source –

These open-source technologies provide the foundation to stand-up a cloud-native platform for enterprises, based on open technologies.

IBM Cloud Private was delivered in a span of 6 months. Read more about it here –

This was made possible only after the stupendous effort that was put together by everyone involved. The hard work, several late nights and weekend-shifts by the people involved (disclaimer: your author included 😉 ) made this happen.

So, I would like to thank the open-source projects and their respective communities for democratising technology. And, then of-course all my colleagues for the successful release of ICP.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Pradipta Kumar Banerjee

I'm a Cloud and Linux/ OpenSource enthusiast, with 16 years of industry experience at IBM. You can find more details about me here - Linkedin

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