Docker and Qemu for Multi-architecture Development

Over the last few months, I have written few articles explaining the use of docker and qemu emulation to help Power (ppc64le) development on Intel systems. Summarising the list here for easy consumption.

If you are looking for native Power environment for development activities, the following link provides a nice list –


  • Running Power (ppc64le) docker images on Intel
    This article touches upon the approaches to build and test Power (ppc64le) Docker images using Qemu user mode emulation. Qemu user mode emulation enables launching of binaries compiled for one CPU architecture on another CPU architecture.  This can be used as part of your development workflow to build and verify your application to ensure its multi-arch capable before deploying it in test/production
  • Multi-arch docker dev and test using vagrant and docker-machine with Qemu
    This article describes ways to spin up a Power (ppc64le) environment (VM) with either Vagrant or Docker-machine using Qemu full system emulation. Qemu full system emulation enables launching of a full-fledged Operating System built for one CPU architecture on another CPU architecture.
  • Travis with Docker and Qemu for  multi-architecture CI workflow
    This article describes how Docker and Qemu can be combined to have a multi-architecture CI workflow with Travis. Qemu user mode emulation is used here.

While the articles are specific for Power, the concepts are easily applicable for ARM development. Hope you find these useful.

Pradipta Kumar Banerjee

I'm a Cloud and Linux/ OpenSource enthusiast, with 16 years of industry experience at IBM. You can find more details about me here - Linkedin

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